Trihita Alam Peduli  is a non-profit organization dedicated towards a holistic approach to justice focusing mainly on underprivileged areas in Bali. Trihita Alam Peduli believes children deserve to enjoy childhood and learning, teachers deserve proper teaching tools and training, and farmers deserve independence from major corporations.

Our mission is to bring back the joy of learning to all children and especially to the less fortunate ones.

For this, we work together with PANSOPHIA NUSANTARA,

Pansophia Nusantara Foundation was established in 2009.

Pansophia Indonesia believe in the strength and influence of a good early childhood education to give children the foundation of a good character building and instill the sense of righteousness, solidarity, responsibility and thirst for knowledge at an early age.

Did you know that school enrollment is less than 50% in Indonesia? Children who are not enrolled in schools exhibit less tolerance to their peers of different religion and race and are more likely to be involved in violence.

Our goal is to provide children ages 3 to 7 years old with quality education and proper nutrition. We choose to focus on early childhood in order to tap into the “Golden Age”, in which brain development is at its most rapid and character evolvement occurs.

Pansophia Indonesia has built 2 learning centers and 9 schools across Indonesia, catering to approximately 2000 under-privileged children. Over time, parents, teachers, and surrounding community have witnessed the significant improvement in their characters and their initiative to learning and building a community together.

We aim to continue to extend our facilities and services to cater to more children and hopefully in the course we can help shape these children and bring a better future for the children of Indonesia, anticipating them to be leaders of the future.

The future of Indonesia is our responsibility and every effort, however small, will make a great impact on them.

We believe teachers play a key role in a child’s growth and learning experience, therefore through teachers training and development, Trihita Alam Peduli regularly educate teachers on sustainability while using nature and the environment as part of their teaching tools.


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