Our school provides pre-school (Playgroup-Pre-Kindergarten), kindergarten (Kindergarten 1-2) and elementary (Grades 1-5) classes.

Our aim is to provide education that is beneficial for your child both mentally and physically.
Our focus on both outdoor and indoor play-based learning activities fosters a unique environment that will make your child to go to school smiling.
Our team of teachers and staff are passionate and committed to inspire and equip your child for the future.

We want to nurture and inspire the next generation of leaders in learning for a successful and sustainable life.
In Trihita Alam, we have developed the concept of child-focused and play-based learning curriculum, which allows each child to learn at their own pace of development and growth through imagination, curiosity, and creativity.

We offer a safe learning environment for your child to develop their social skills, language arts and numerical skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Through play-based learning curriculum, Trihita Alam is focused on developing your child’s positive self-identity as they learn to become future leaders. Your child will be smiling and excited to learn!

Teaching Philosophy, Vision and Missions

  • Providing an education based on moral values which teaches students to respect their teachers, their parents, each other and the earth as a whole.
  • Equipping parents with the skills and background that will enable the children to keep learning and flourishing even outside the classroom. Children will grow to become their best, as parents understand how to assist and encourage their children to overcome everyday pressure and life challenges.
  • Building strong local communities where families and children will apply the principles of sustainability to help the environment.

We believe that moral value education in school plays a major part in a student’s life. We believe that character development, personality development and citizenship education are as important as cognitive skills a student learns in school. Moral values education will help children learn the right way to live, to remain connected to their parents and others in the community, learn how to deal with day-to-day activities, and be responsible for their behaviors. In Trihita Alam Eco School, we nourish our students with moral value education to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We believe there is a strong link between playing and learning. Playing is vital for the development of the brain and helps to build children’s communication skills, to understand their place in the world and to explore their feelings. We believe play is one of the most important ways that children learn about life and about themselves. There are many skills that children learn through different types of play, all of which are vitally important for sound cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. We believe these skills are foundations to their love of learning.

Outdoors Learning – Today children spend most of their time indoors and away from nature. And the more time they spend watching television or playing video games, the less they are being physically active outside. Research shows outdoor play-based learning can help improve educational outcomes. The outdoor environment encourages skills such as problem solving and negotiating risk, which are important for child development. In Trihita Alam Eco School, we provide classrooms without walls, outdoors learning space, and natural environments to encourage students develop self-mastery through risk taking, physical fitness, resilience, self-regulation, and student-centered discovery.

Basic Recycling – As one of the largest producers of plastic waste in the world, we believe education plays an important role in teaching our next generation about waste awareness. In Trihita Alam Eco School, we educate children basic recycling and provide our own waste management system. We believe going green teaches students valuable skills such as responsibility and care about the environment.

Rather than a rigid system, our holistic approach focuses on the principle of learning by doing. We focus on the development of a child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic and creative potentials. We believe children should be taught in an environment that is both engaging as well as natural. We emphasize on freedom within limits, independence, and respect for the social and natural development of a child. Trihita Alam Eco School aims to create “whole” individuals who are well balanced in their outlook on life and their personal understanding of themselves in relation to the world.