mano at trihita

I can not be more than Happier to send Mano to a new school for his start of K1 (Kindergarten 1,K1). His new eco-school with a new approach to education is just amazing. He is much happier now to go to school and becoming more social. The kids at the school are great and the teachers are very watchful. Even the parents are really happy and very communicative with other parents discussing how ‘Great’ it really is to have ‘moved’ them from previous schools to This One. Children can actually breathe here and possible can ‘think’ better too. There’s 2 Teachers in every class! They even offer a free 1 week Trial. Only 2 days in and they Bought me pretty much!! Their school is bigger than Mano’s previous school, so much space, so much Nature so much Green!
I can’t be more than happy. All schools for children should be like this one there’s so much to it than just a picture but Mano has a lot of friends now and he is completely satisfied and Happy in regards of his new eco-school and we hope that he will be even lovelier. Today he even said to me “No Thanks”. He never said thanks or thank you or please unless I made him (ha ha). He usually doesn’t discuss school at all (in the previous one) but now he does! They even have animals like goats and rabbits and birds and funny looking chickens running around (well the goats and the rabbits are in good captivity and only let out when necessary): the point is the kids are taught to love animals and be friendly to animals and to Nature itself. They have plants just growing absolutely EVERYWHERE and not some fake Grass. Ponds and water running are heard from a far to make the Environment feels more peaceful and Tranquil. Great for Learning.
I arrived to pick him up from school and he didn’t even want to go home yet!!! That Never Happened Before. So today is only Mano’s 4th Day and I will register him on Friday. Finally I can actually say: This is a Good School (not just some money oriented school), but a really good One. This is what I mean by Quality over Quantity.

Mano’s mom, Dania.