This semester we are focusing on the topic fruits and vegetables. Eventually to elaborate more on the topic fruits with the children, we are fortunate to have our own fruits grown within the kindergarten compound itself and passion fruits was one of them.

‘Passiflora edulis’ is a vine species of passionflower that is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Its common names include passion fruit (US), passionfruit (UK and Commonwealth), and purple granadilla (South Africa). It is cultivated commercially in tropical and subtropical areas for its sweet, seedy fruit and is widely grown in several countries of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Southern Asia, Vietnam, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Hawaii and United States.

In fact there is other kind of fruits that the children in Trihita Alam had helped us to plant from the beginning. So many kinds of fruits can be grown here in Bali. They really enjoyed themselves in doing so. By doing so it helped cultivating them to do things together hand in hand.

Did you know that the passion fruits from our own kindergarten are higher in nutrients than the ones that have traveled several thousands miles to get to the grocery store. More tastier and sweeter. We could also see the growth of the passion fruits from month to month. From the changes of color to the skin to the size of the fruits itself. Besides that the passion fruits trees also can provide us with shade. Growing our own, we can use natural pesticides and this will be less contamination to the environment. Those passion fruits trees also make the kindergarten into an attractive landscapes.


Having our students assisting us in the planting can increase the chance that they will eat more of the fruits they have helped to grow in Trihita Alam. Gardening also increases physical activity. It is a great way to engage them in physical activity and lets them help to take responsibility for the garden. Growing fruits trees gives you a new appreciation for nature, when you can have the opportunity to see how things grow. Also this can be a great time to create memories with the children, memories that can even last a lifetime. We are proud to have our own passion fruits trees planted in our own kindergarten in Bali.